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About the Diakonia College of Finland

The Diakonia College of Finland (SDO) is a private vocational institution. All teaching is in Finnish.

The Diakonia College of Finland (SDO) is a private vocational institution. Every year, we have approximately 4,000 students. Most of them graduate as professionals in the fields of social services, health care and services. 

In addition to vocational training, you can attend basic education and coaching or participate in workshops. ​
We work closely with working life. We just not only train professionals for their first profession but also offer continuing education for experts and companies. ​

Our campuses are in Helsinki, Lahti, Oulu and online.

Applying to The Diakonia College of Finland

You can apply via our website You don’t need a residence permit to apply, but we do have language requirements because all teaching is in Finnish.

All teaching is in Finnish

In other words, if you want to study for a profession, different educations have different language skills requirements. You also must attend the selection day on the spot. Further questions can be answered by

Our history

Diakonia College of Finland has a long long history of education. It all began in 1867 while training deaconesses to help assist those in distress. Diaconic work go where human distress, degradation and suffering are the greatest, so that we can fulfil the vision of heeding the human dignity of everyone. Our history can be seen today in our values.

In Diakonia College of Finland we offer training on following fields

  • Health and Welfare (Social and Health Services, Welfare, Education and Guidance)
  • Service Industries (Beauty Services, Domestic Services, Catering, Cleaning Services)
  • Business, Administration and Law (Leadership)

Finnish vocational education and training is competence based and customer oriented

Finland’s educational policy objective is to guarantee equal educational opportunities for each individual. The aim is that everyone will complete at least a secondary level qualification. Around half of the students completing their basic education continue to vocational education and training (VET) and half to general upper secondary (high school) education.

Finnish Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Finnish VET is based on work orientation. Vocational education and training always includes on-the-job learning in Finland or abroad. Completing a vocational upper secondary qualification is free of charge for the students.

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